Friday, 28 January 2011

500 celebrations finishes tonight,6.30pm

sundays picture.the winner can
choose the colour

good afternoon all.woo hoo its friday.:>:>:> 
thank you all for helping me reach 500.the celbration finishes tonight at you only have a few hours left if you would like to enter.

Mondays picture.
winner chooses a vase or candle older

tuesday picture.
winner can choose from one of these
wednesday picture
winner can chooe which colour
thursday picture
winner can choose which design they prefer
here is your last chance to enter, ONLY IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY ENTERED.
just comment below.saying which picture and day you are liking
ie (love sundays pic,mondays pic is fab,etc.)
one comment per picture per person
so on this post your comment can contain all 5 days pics if you wish

on satuday morning i will make up a winners names bloggs, and attaching the link on my buzzy lizzy wall
winners will be chosen by a random number genorator
winners will then be able to contact me by e mail only to give me their  winning choice,full name and address so i can get the winning items posted out next week to their new homes


  1. if anyone is having problems commenting on my blogg please try this.hope it helps
    under blogg comment box is a drop down bar and i think if you click anonymous it lets you comment with out an account.remember to put your name in with your comment please.
    good luck

  2. hi there i like thursdays picture
    and i would like to thank you also as looking at your blog inspired me to do one of my own xxx

  3. check out my new winning blogg for winners details.thank youall