Tuesday, 25 January 2011

500 celebrations.sunday to thursday.23rd to 27th january

good morning all.here is Wednesday giveaway picture.day 4 of my 5 day giveaways
just leave a comment on here under the pictures that you like.1 comment,per person per picture please.which means you can comment on all the pics if you like them.
if you have trouble posting on the blogs then you can post on the blogg links,if you would like, on my FB page of buzzy lizzy window art. the winner for each of the 5 days will be chosen on Friday evening.good luck to all and thank you
the winner can choose which colour they would prefer, blue,pink,lilac or yellow and orange


  1. Love all the candles, much love Carol at Dinky Doodle Designs xxx

  2. Loving these!

  3. Could fit one of these in on the top of the piano - LOL!! from your sis

  4. I have a soft spot for candles and these are really pretty. x

  5. these are so lovely x